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This training system is designed to take you into your 5D timeline and remember your multidimensional nature.

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Erin works with the Galactic Heart Reiki tools to provide clearings as well as coaching to support you in anchoring your multidimensional nature more fully. These sessions help you raise in vibration and trust your journey more fully.

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Lightworkers are those that naturally feel called to spirituality and service to others. Erin holds space as you navigate through changes and transitions experienced on the path to sharing your spiritual gifts with the world. Her focus is supporting your inner work as you ground more of your true purpose.



Register for classes by emailing Erin directly. Make sure you specify which class you will be attending. If your class in a virtual one, you will receive a link to Zoom upon registration.


Dec. 12th @ 7pm
The Barn 

The full moon is an opportunity to purge the old patterns of energy to make way for the new to enter. Join Erin in the Barn for a guided meditation designed to support you in cleansing your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy bodies.


Sundays in December, 4-5pm

This series of 3 meditations is intended to support you in easing ascension symptoms and increasing a feeling of peace and connectedness. As Earth raises in vibration, we can feel stronger levels of resistance in our mental, emotional and physical experiences. The month of December is a very active month for these new influxes of energy. Ascension symptoms may include emotional up and down, confusion, physical pain, insomnia, headaches, ringing in the ears, increased anger and frustration. Each week will offer different tools and clearings, you can attend all or just one.

December 8th: Earth Star Chakra clearing and connection to the 5D Earth grid. This clearing will support you in relieving anxiety and fear associated with confronting conflict and change in your life. Our Earth Star Chakra supports us in taking steps and grounding our purpose.

December 15th: Clearing invasive energies with The Archangels. Our energy field collects unnecessary debris making our inner-work and growth more challenging. The Angelic rhelms are very supportive in this clearing process.

December 22nd: Solar recharge meditation. Our multidimensional field runs off Solar frequencies. This time of year can be challenging to maintain higher levels of physical energy. In this meditation, we will practice a process that you can use at home to recharge in the darker months.

$15 per class. Drop-in or pre-register


Sunday's Beginning January 12th
$10 (Soleil Practitioners)
$20 all others

Join Erin and develop your Reiki skills. Each week we will work on self-healing tools and practice working with each other. Any level practitioner is welcome to participate in these sessions. This is a 6 week series, you can attend all of them or just one.