My awakening was sparked in 2008.  I had been following the program laid out for me, checking the boxes and searching for my place in the world. When nothing was going as planned, I began to experience crippling depression and anxiety.

My inner guidance pointed me towards alternative healing modalities as a way of coping with the stress of letting go of the old programs and beliefs that had been holding me back from my full potential. Little by little I began to awaken to a new perspective and awareness of who I was and what was possible. In 2010, I formed a wellness center where I taught Reiki as a pathway understanding energy and intuition.

In 2017, I felt the journey beginning to change again as I opened my multidimensional awareness and began to fully embrace the energetic shift taking place on the planet.

My mission is assisting other Starseeds in remembering their original blueprint as the energetic shifts encourage each of us to usher in a new way of living on this planet.  

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