Lightworkers and Starseeds have a natural remembering process once they being to awaken from the control systems of the 3D matrix of energy. Galactic Heart Reiki Training is designed to ignite your awareness of higher dimensions. Accessing and navigating with this new awareness takes new levels of innerwork and clearing. This training is designed to support the embodiment of your multidimensional awareness and is perfect anyone who has been previously trained in 4D healing modalities such as Usui Reiki.

The training are delivered in 3 units, so you can take them all at once or space them out to absorb the material at a slower pace. 

Section 1:

Transitioning from 3D to 5D requires new tools and levels of awareness. Starseeds naturally absorb and transmute energy, sometimes leading them become overwhelmed in the very dense energy of the 3D matrix. 

  • Learn tools for healing vibrational codependency and enmeshment patters in your closest relationships.

  • Energetic Hygiene including cord cutting and entity removal

  • Techniques for grounding into the 5D energetic core of the earth and open to new energies to support your journey.

Section 2: 

Regaining access to aspects of our Higher Self in everyday life takes new levels of awareness and healing.  Learn how to locate the wounded parts of yourself that hold you in separation and create a new sense of wholeness.

  • Healing inner-child, masculine and feminine wounds.

  • Clearing dense energy from your DNA

  • Understanding karma, soul contracts, timelines and tools for multidimensional healing.

  • New levels of discernment and the Starseed journey.

Section 3:

Shadow work is not complete if you don't understand how the energy of your ancestors effect your multidimensional field. There's incredible healing to be experienced once we clear the traumas that have been handed down from generation to generation.  As a Starseed, this clearing is your main purpose here!

  • Learn multiple ways to being healing your ancestral lineage using intention and your Family of Light.

  • Deepen your awareness of creating and grounding your 5D mission.  




Feb. 7th
$125 ($350 for weekend)


Feb. 8th


Feb. 9th