Are you looking for a space to reset and restore yourself?  The Finger Lakes Barn in Victor, NY is the space for your wellness getaway.  This private retreat center on Erin's property is the perfect place to find yourself in a new environment, receive wellness treatments and work with Erin in-person if you choose.   Contact Erin for a list of services and experiences  available during your stay.

HindSight is 2020

Costa Rica Retreat

April 30th-May 6th, 2021

As we reflect on lessons and experiences in 2020, this adventure encourages you to embody all that you’ve learned and move forward to step into the highest form of your future self.

From the rainforests to the beaches, Costa Rica has no shortage of beautiful backdrops to ground yourself and explore your inner world. Join us as we immerse ourselves in this beautiful country filled with rainforests, river valleys, volcanos, and biodiverse wildlife nestled in the hills overlooking the Arenal volcano.