Lightworkers and Starseeds have a natural remembering process once they being to awaken from the control systems of the 3D matrix of energy. Galactic Reiki Training will ignite your awareness of higher dimensions and provide tools to support your transitions into a timeline that aligns with the organic Earth. This training is designed to support the embodiment of your multidimensional awareness and is perfect for anyone who has been previously trained in 4D healing modalities such as Usui Reiki.

Galactic Reiki Training is delivered in a series of four classes and is currently being offered through a live webinar, check the services page for the schedule. Please  message Erin for questions or to be notified of upcoming classes.


Expand your awareness into new dimensions

  1. Next level energy hygiene, attune to the 12 chakra system and shielding your energy.

  2. Cord cutting and learning to heal energetic enmeshment in your personal life and with clients.

  3. Understanding Karma and clearing contracts and ancestral energies.

  4. Multidimensional healing tools to clear energies of soul extensions and fragmented aspects of your energy.