available through Zoom

Orphan Rescue: This session uses a Shamanic healing process that supports the receiver in recovering "lost" aspects of themselves or retrieve fragmentation due to traumatic life expereinces. This process leaves you feeling more whole and able to function in your daily life with less triggers and more focus on creating your highest timeline.   

45 minutes, $75

Energy Cleanse: Are you feeling bogged down by heavy emotions or mental confusion?  In the energy cleanse, we work together with your Family of Light to clear away invasive energies in your multidimensional field, leaving you with greater focus and ability to process emotion.

30 minutes, $50/60 minutes $100

Intuitive Advisement: We are passing through powerful times of transformation.  It's very common for sensitive souls to feel lost or overwhelmed as they are moving through initiations.  These sessions are reserved to help clarity the energy as guided by your Ascension team and Higher Self.   

30 minutes $50 / 60 Minutes $100 / 90 Minutes $140

Ancestral Healing: Most of the issues we struggle with in our current experience have been passed to us through the traumas of our Ancestors. Receive a clearing of this energy from your multidimensional field and activate awareness of how these energies effect your daily life. When we can clear the negative belief patterns, we open ourselves to the helpful energies that can be passed to you through your bloodline.

75 minutes, $125 

Trauma Release: Traumatic experiences are stored in your energy field until they can be processed and released.  There are 3 types of trauma that we work with --- trauma that is experienced in this or a previous lifetime, trauma that is passed through bloodline and trauma that you have absorbed from others.  

60 minutes $100 / 90 minutes $140

Thank you so much for the session last week. Just wanted to let you know I have been sleeping SO much better since then and feel very uplifted! I feel like I’m remembering a lot too as my life as a Starseed and remembering my past lives. Thank you!

Patti B.

For those individuals that wish to experience deeper support, Erin offers a Patreon group called Galactic Lightworkers Network.  Through this group you will be offered a place of compassion and belonging as we all learn a new level of self love.  You will not only receive activations and support from me, but each other.  Together we will begin to uncover the true magic of being a Lightworker in this time on Earth.

Tier One

Receive a recorded energy healing meditation with an intuitive message each month.  Tier one members are also included into special events and postings.

Tier Two

This tier includes the tier one, plus an additional Patreon only live event. Each month we will work through multidimensional tools and hold space as you move through your own personal ascension process.  Special guest presenters will be invited to work with our group as well.  Members also receive $15 off private sessions.

How can I possibly put into words the experience that I've had with Erin?  I did not know what to expect when I scheduled my first private session. I came hoping to better understand the energy within and around me and left with life lessons that have truly enhanced my daily experiences.  Over time, Erin helped me shed layers of insecurity, frustration, anxiety and fear and chart a new path forward with confidence and a renewed sense of purpose.  I am eternally grateful for Erin's skill in sensing, healing and awakening both body and mind allowing me to live a simpler, more fulfilling life.

Bethany S.