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The Rise of the Empath

Updated: May 13, 2019

There are those amongst us that process this life differently then the rest.  If you’ve sought out this article, it’s possible you are one of these people.  An Empath can be referred to as a highly sensitive person, a Starseed, Wanderer or Lightworker.  These people feel the emotions of others as deeply as they feel their own.  I believe every human is encoded with different forms of Empathy, which is our ability to connect and share feelings with each other.  An Empath takes this to a whole new level.  I liken it to the experience of having a patch of skin that's been burned, its more sensitive to the touch then regular healthy skin. 

Empaths are born into this world to help us evolve into more love and light, but they may experience the darkness of this earth with a great amount of pain before they begin to understand the mission.  Empath’s feel an intense need to help others because that is the reason they were born.  Until an Empath learns to use their tool of sensitivity, they may drain their energy attempting to help people that do not want their help or that will never benefit from the help they have to offer.  This can leave them feeling drained and many times they may develop a chronic illness.  Gabor Mate’, author of “When the Body Says NO”, has found that fibromyalgia is strictly linked to these types of people.  Simply put, if you do not learn how to set boundaries, your body will begin to set them for you.

Empath’s may feel like something is wrong with them because they have a very difficult time comprehending why the world would have such darkness and evil.  They don’t usually fit into the traditional structures like school, and may be classified by the system as disabled in some way.  Things like competition, sacrificing joy for money or destruction of nature make absolutely no sense to an Empath.  

I’ve read many article’s describing how these highly sensitive people have a very difficult time engaging with the world. Many of them feel the need to escape because the intensity of the emotions they feel on a regular basis.  This escape can come in the form of drugs, alcohol, anti-depressants or simply withdrawing from the world.

It is my belief and experience that these people have a duty to learn how to manage their energy and begin to express themselves. Right now, these people are feeling a very strong calling to step up.  Now is the time.  As easy as it would be to hide away on a deserted island, the mission of an Empath is to learn to how to effectively express their message of love and light into the world.  Many empaths can carry a defeatist attitude, feeling like the force of darkness is too much for them to bear.  This is a belief that must be dismantled.  It’s time for the rise of love, and Empaths are the ones who will lead the way.

If you are just discovering your true nature, keep going.  You must begin to understand this part of yourself and heal, on a deep level, your core wounds of safety and security.  If you are already aware of your deeply empathic nature, and are still struggling to feel empowered to stand in your truth, it’s possible.  Stay committed to yourself and spiritual development above everything.  Even though you may have learned to sacrifice yourself for the well-being of others, your well-being IS the healing we need.

A few tips for an Empath….

1. Your nervous system most likely needs healing before you can make any changes.  Extended weekend retreats, regular energy healing, gentle or restorative yoga and a meditation practice are just a few ways to begin this process.  Make your goal to learn how to relax and this does not mean beers or Netflix.

2. Working one on one with a Therapist, Coach or Healer that skilled in working specifically with Empaths is very helpful.

3. Do your best to eliminate the negative people from you life.  This is difficult for empaths to do, so don’t be discouraged if you are unable to do it all at once. Understand that you are in a process of breaking your habit of attracting people who drain your system.  This process will unfold perfectly at the rate you need it too.

4. Seek out different forms holistic healing.  Traditional western medicine will not help you as much as the average person.  Understand that your physical conditions can be healed when the nervous system beings to heal.Connect with other empaths that have found a path to healing.  They understand your needs more then any traditional doctor ever could.  

5. Stay open to finding the path that works for you, and understand that there are many energy beings on the other side that are assisting you on the journey.  Trust in something that you can not see with your logic.  Ask for the help and be open to the ways help is coming toward you. Believe that you have something very important that this world needs, even if the people around you can not see it.  

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