• Erin Whiting

Energetic Enmeshment: Heal and HOLD your Boundaries

Many big hearted and well intended souls have patterns of enmeshment with one or more people in their life. Enmeshment is when you become emotional or physically impacted by the emotions of others -- usually your closest loved ones. These patterns can be passed down through a family, establish themselves from childhood trauma or even begin with a specific traumatic event. Enmeshment may have been considered love at one point in time, but might be causing way more pain and suffering in your life than you realize. The patterns need to be acknowledged in order to shift.

The following meditation calls on your Family of Light to help release the patterns of enmeshment with a specific person in your life. The Arcturians will build a structure in your field to act as a filter to help you hold strong energetic boundaries with this particular person.


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