• Erin Whiting

Is it Empathy Overload or Childhood Trauma?

The number one thing that seems to alert me every time I am working with an Empath or Starseed is their pure desire to not be here on Earth. Much of the storyline around being one of these Old Soul types helps explain just exactly WHY it would be difficult to exist in this dense human form.

As I've explored my own eagerness to avoid the human condition, it's come to my attention that it's an absolute necessity to embrace our Humanity in order to bring our full gifts to the world in a healthy way.

A lot of the blocks that sensitive souls experience in this human life can be associated with attachment trauma. Identifying and healing this trauma will help you feel safe on Earth like never before. If you've ever felt like you were the one who can't keep your shit together OR that the biggest challenge in your life is having close relationships...this might be effecting you!

Healing yourself completely takes a commitment and a ton of consistency. Below is an energy healing meditation to assist you in healing your nervous system. Done regularly, it can aid in the calming of your fight/flight/freeze response which is almost always triggered in individuals that experienced early childhood trauma.


Being Human can be FUN when you feel safe to be you.

Much Love and Light


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