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Tips for Shifting out of the 3D Matrix

Updated: May 14, 2019

What is your Dimensional Reality?

Dimension is used to reference a state of awareness.  It's not really a place, it's a descriptor of your perception.  In this world, there are many beings with different dimensions of awareness.  For example, a rock is only aware of itself. An animal is aware of the rock, but is also aware of it's survival instincts and how to meet them. Humans are aware of the rock, the animal and have complex emotions around their own survival.  This is referred to as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dimension here on earth.  SO, we are living on a multi-dimensional earth.

Each and every Being on earth has a conscious awareness of one or multiple dimensions.  The rock can not understand the reality of the dog and the dog can not understand the complexity of the human. It's just how it works.  Why is this all so important?  There are human realities on this earth that are beyond the 3rd dimension. When we begin to understand ourselves as a "Spirit having a human experience", we've entered into the 4th dimensional reality.  It's where we begin to understand that we are more then our bodies.  We realize that our human ego runs on a program and that our thoughts have the ability to create our reality.  

What's the 5th Dimension?

This starts to get important because the 5th dimension of awareness is now accessible to us!  The 5th dimension is when we begin to embody that spiritual awareness and we consciously create physical reality with our Spirit. 5th dimension is about alining with the truth of your being and creating that here on earth. So back to that 2012 prophecy thing.  I've come to understand that the world isn't actually ending, it's just shifting.  It's moving from a 3D world to a 5D world.  Yes, that's right, we are going to become a world of co-creators.  Before you step into a beautiful fantasy of sipping expensive wine and eating juicy grapes on our gold encrusted thrown’s, there's some dismantling of your 3rd dimensional belief's that needs to take place before you enter the bliss zone.

Leaving 3D behind

As I stated earlier, the 3D reality is when an entity develops an ego and functions from that perspective.  The ego is about survival. It's about competition and fighting to be at the top of the hierarchy.  The ego sees in black and white.  Better then, worse then.  Good or bad and everything in between.  If you've found yourself in this article, you've likely begun the process of dismantling your ego.  Our earth is built in a 3D matrix of energy.  Which means that we have built our schools, healthcare, governments and corporations based on the human ego's need to win, get ahead, survive and reach the top.  Right now, that is energetically being dismantled pixel by pixel. Most people with even the slightest awareness can begin to realize that our society is imploding on itself a little bit more everyday.

Do not despair! The 3D world is falling apart, but the 5D world is coming together. We are beginning to move out of our heads and into our hearts. It's a transitional time and we need to learn to move with this transition.  What does that mean for you?  Basically you need to let go of everything in your life that is based on fear.  You (as a reader of this blog) are tasked with assisting in the creation of the new 5D Matrix and it can only come from connecting with your Spirit and having the bravery and courage to follow your guidance.

A few of my tips to make the transition smoother

1. The ultimate betrayal is turning away from your own heart.  The 3D Matrix is filled with programs about belonging, popularity, what your relationships should be, how much retirement you will need, what type of house you need to be worthy, and how love equals sacrificing yourself.  See it, face it and move through any belief or projection that induces the feeling of "I have to do this or else I won't be good."

2. Let go of the glitter. The 3D Matrix has a lot of flashy things that keep your attention and make you think the happiness can be purchased.  Remember: not all that glitters is gold.  My rule of thumb, if I think I have to have it, wait 6 months and see if I still need it.  We are getting more impulsive and obsessive with shopping, eating, vacationing and our excessive consumption patterns are actually keeping us from what we truly desire.  Consuming is totally fine!  Just becoming mindful of what your true needs are versus what the marketing is telling you.

3. Stop chasing the cookie and do what brings you joy. We are taught from day one that we need to conform to be accepted.  It might be conforming to your parents, your teachers or ministers.  3D believes that there is a competition for the top spot.  In 5D, we understand that we are a very unique puzzle pieces and when we tap into that we create amazing synchronicity and flow in our daily lives. First we need to stop the habit of trying to fit in or win the race.  

4.  Your life will likely fall apart.  I hate to sound dramatic, but most of your life was built in 3D and it will need to fall apart to be re-created in 5D.  That's relationships, jobs, houses, your physical body, financials...everything.  It all has to be built on a foundation of love and truth over fear.  Someday's it will feel like you're losing everything.  It's ok, trust, surrender and keep letting go of the attachments. Re-building will emerge in slow aligned steps.

5.  3rd Dimensional awareness can't understand you.  Just like a dog doesn't understand the complexities of being human, the people still living in the 3D reality will not have access to your awareness.  That might make you feel crazy or angry or frustrated. You might even trigger them into some anger because you arn't participating the way that you use too. Let them have their journey and don't doubt yours.  We get to have a "choose your own reality" on this Earth!

Living in the 5th Dimension isn't something that just happens to you.  It's a choice you make on an individual level.  Not everyone will choose to make the transition and that's ok.   The most important thing you can do is to choose and to keep choosing consciously every moment.  Love or fear?  Truth or not truth?  Alignment with Spirit or ego.  

**Please note: These are my translations of what I believe to be true. Part of 5D is finding these things out for yourself. Run this through your own intuition to see what feels right to you!**

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