Reduce stress and clear away fearful thought forms in this 30 minute distant energy clearing session with Erin. In our session, we will invoke angelic healing frequencies and support your reconnection with guidance from your Higher Self.  Empaths will often become over-run with the emotions of the collective - this session will clear your physical, emotional and mental layers and provide a protective shielding to support you in your daily activities and interactions. Limited time service and rate $22.


available through Skype/Zoom

In a private Intuitive Clearing Session, Erin connects with your Higher Self and Guides to bring through healing frequencies to support your transition into 5D timelines. In our session, we may be guided to the following areas:

  • Clearing your field of energy interference

  • Cord cutting and  

  • Healing Ancestral wounds

  • Inner-Child work

  • Shadow work (integrating light and dark)

  • Healing and clearing Akashic field

Many sensitive Starseeds and Lightworkers have difficulty setting boundaries, take on the energies of others, and struggle with the control paradigms in the 3D Matrix.  A session with Erin will guide individuals in navigating their multidimensional awareness as they reclaim their sovereignty.

These sessions support those who are:

  • stuck in repetitive habits or experiences. 

  • transitioning their work into a higher frequency

  • struggling with changing relationships

  • parenting sensitive children

  • looking to awaken their spiritual gifts and mission.





SUCH a powerful session, Erin! I am happy to pay you what you are worth as I expect the same for my work and completely trust it will come back tenfold. The abundance clearing is already working on me, so much fear has dissipated.

Sarah L.

How can I possibly put into words the experience that I've had with Erin?  I did not know what to expect when I scheduled my first private session. I came hoping to better understand the energy within and around me and left with life lessons that have truly enhanced my daily experiences.  Over time, Erin helped me shed layers of insecurity, frustration, anxiety and fear and chart a new path forward with confidence and a renewed sense of purpose.  I am eternally grateful for Erin's skill in sensing, healing and awakening both body and mind allowing me to live a simpler, more fulfilling life.

Bethany S.