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6 Weeks
1, 90 minute & 5, 60 minute Sessions
in-between support if needed

Work through the Galactic Reiki tools with Erin in one to one sessions. This six weeks can be supportive at clearing layers of dense energy in your field, raising your vibration and moving into 5th density living. The sessions are focused on clearing programs, deep layers of trauma and reconnecting you to your multidimensional self. 



6 Weeks

2, 40 minute sessions

weekly check-in's and channeled messages

Shifting through 4D energies into 5D can test your abilities to stay present.  This layer of support is geared towards keeping you focused on gratitude and joy as you release expired timelines and become a unified creator.  In order to participate in this, you must have completed the Reclaiming Your Original Blueprint OR the Galactic Reiki Training. 



For those individuals that wish to experience deeper support, Erin offers two paths for mentorship. She holds space as you reconnect with your original self and uncover your souls mission. As with any program, the outcomes are driven by each clients intention and free will. In order to support your full empowerment, Erin holds space as you reconnect to your own Higher Self's guidance. All connections will be made through WhatsApp or Skype. Please contact Erin for questions or to schedule your first session.

Working with Erin is magical! She has a beautiful & intuitive way of supporting you to access your awakening process and unique gifts. Her mentorship is deeply supportive, and provides the perfect amount of guidance and space for you to explore your highest path. Her energy is loving, humble, truthful, gentle yet strong, and always with humor!

Laura T.